Flexis Framework

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

The Flexis framework is one of the key elements of our extraordinary efficiency.  It incorporates years of knowledge and packaged solutions to problems that we have overcome before, and keeps them ready at our fingertips so we can use them again and again.

You can think of it as our toolkit, but one that we have carefully crafted ourselves, and continue to develop.

It contains modules of code for common functions like manipulating text and generating HTML; sending email and SMS messages; working with files and images; storing and managing data structures; displaying and validating forms; drawing charts and generating PDF files.

It's also a page template mechanism, with building blocks for page layout, interactive controls and navigation menus - all optimised to fit together into whatever arrangements are needed by each new project.

But most of all, it provides a foundation of consistent and familiar patterns and conventions that we can follow, to rapidly assemble structures that are known to be reliable, and that can be navigated and adjusted easily.

Your Framework License

Wherever we use the Flexis framework in a project, you are granted a non-exclusive perpetual license to use and modify it within that project.

This means that we continue to own the intellectual property of the framework, and we can use it freely in our other projects.

But you are given access to all the source code, and full permission to use and change it over the lifetime of your project, so it can continue to grow freely, with or without our future involvement.

It's as good as having code created especially for your project, but without the cost.

Your Proprietary Code

Everything else that we create for you, on top of the Flexis framework, is your intellectual property, and all rights are assigned to you on the completion of each contract (unless other agreements have been made).

This includes the database design and data model, the specific user interface and workflow, your business rules and all the other aspects of your project that make it uniquely how we have designed it for your needs.

And of course, any material that you share with us during the course of develepment - documents, designs, illustrations or data - will always be treated with and kept in the strictest confidence.

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“ The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, for if that fails the chain fails ”

Thomas Reid

“ Experts in every field agree on the transformative power of systems ”

Mark Joiner

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Peter Drucker

“ Learning new systems and processes is not mandatory, but neither is staying in business ”

Bobby Darnell

“ Foolproof systems don’t take into account the ingenuity of fools ”

Gene Brown

Flexis® is a registered trademark
Copyright © Flexis Systems Pty Ltd