Design for Growth

Enterprise systems must be designed to grow, or they will fail.

Our work is always changing and growing, and our systems must adapt with us, or die.

If systems cannot grow, they force us to work around them, until they waste so much of our time that they must be scrapped and replaced.

You are familiar with the story, it is common across all industries.  But it doesn't have to be like this.

Flexible Systems

Flexis designs and builds systems of unlimited growth.

We have evolved strategies and techniques for creating flexible systems that anticipate future expansion and can grow safely and efficiently whenever they need to.  Without ever reaching a limit.

This is not easy.  It takes a high level of organisation, discipline and effort, guided by our devotion to exceptional software architecture.

But it yields an internal structure that is just as elegant as the visible user interface.  A structure that is logical, consistent, easy to navigate, and safe to change, because dependencies within the system are highlighted by the design itself.

Flexis Framework

Flexible systems are superior, but actually cost less.

The secret is to build them the right way from the start, by laying foundations that actively support rearrangement in the layers built above them.  This extra effort returns efficiency gains immediately, even while the system is under construction.

Over years of refining our design processes, we have compiled much of this knowledge and expertise into our Flexis Framework, a library of modular code that provides prefab structures and optimised building blocks for common system functions.

It accelerates every project we undertake, because we solve design problems only once - properly - and never have to reinvent the wheel.

System Platforms

There is a sprawling diversity of system platforms.

Some are meticulously designed frameworks with thriving third party ecosystems, while others have more humble origins and suffer the consequences of a patchwork heritage.  Some are fading historical artifacts, or only ever attracted marginal uptake.  They have legacy users, but no future.

In this churning environment, it is critical to make the right choices for new projects.

Over 35 years of professional software development, we have watched platforms come and go, and we understand why only a few stay around for the long haul.  These are where we have invested our time.

We have extensive experience with most system platforms and are well-placed to advise, and to undertake projects in any of them.

Proven Results

We insist on excellence.  You can't afford anything less.

Starting with the communication between us. Technology is complex and has a whole language of its own.  You are comfortable with technology, but your focus is on the complexity of your organisation.

So we speak plain English and avoid jargon.  Where technical concepts are important to the project, we explain them clearly.  Your engagement benefits the process.

We produce detailed, illustrated proposals to give you certainty about the outcomes of every project, and about the scope and cost of works needed to achieve them.  We produce rigorous system documentation, to preserve and protect your investment far into the future.

We offer the profound empowerment that technology always promises, but can only deliver when done really well.  We keep the lights on after dark.

You experience direct control over your system and its direction, without spending the lifetime of study and practice needed to achieve such outstanding proven results.

Contact Us

Talk to us about your next project.

We are adept at seeing opportunties for future growth, and planning for them in our designs.  This has given many of our systems a scope and lifespan way beyond their original brief.

We have a deep understanding of the elements that are essential in building truly flexible systems.  Systems that become enduring assets and return ever greater value as the years pass by.

So contact us before making your decision.  We can help.

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“ Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship ”

Benjamin Franklin

“ All wealth is based upon systems ”

Dan Kennedy

“ A bad system will beat a good person every time ”

W. Edwards Deming

“ True business owners can go on vacation forever because they own a system, not a job ”

Robert Kiyosaki

“ Small differences in your system performance can lead to large differences in your results ”

Brian Tracy

Flexis® is a
registered trademark
Copyright © 1997-2024
Flexis Systems Pty Ltd