ChordWizard Software has Rebranded

As from the 1st July 2019, ChordWizard Software has been renamed to Flexis Systems and will trade under the new name for all software development and other service provision.

Going forward, the ChordWizard brand will apply to our music software products only.

This is a cosmetic change only.  The company remains the same entity (ABN 98 079 163 563) under the same ownership, and the phone number, office and postal addresses remain the same.  All aspects of service provision and billing remain the same.

The name change means we have a new domain (this website) and new email addresses at that domain.  The old email addresses will continue to work via forwarding.

An ASIC Change of Name certificate is available on request to our existing clients and suppliers.

Please contact us for any further details.

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Flexis® is a registered trademark
Copyright © Flexis Systems Pty Ltd